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Making of "Evliya"

Hey yoo new artist,

Here is a mini tutorial for my new illustration called "Evliya"
I save out my work in progress files one by one to show my approach to this illustration.
I hope it will help you get on gear.

1- Sketching

I start doing sketching on Photoshop with Wacom Intuos 2 tablet, It's kind a fun to draw old man,
because it has lots of lines and weird shapes. You know even some real old mans looks like a cartoon characters.
Maybe because of that I like to draw them.

I start with the head, after the head I was going to drew a cloth for him but I think that it can be more funny with the naked body.
After the body I add beard and I realize that it's looks like an "Evliya"

2- Backdrop

I drew a backdrop to see the silhouette and exaggerate the white skinny body look.

3- Masking.

I made a mask for easily create shades. So that why you don't really pay attention to run over to the border.
This mask is also help me to see the silhouette clearly. I wish the other arms shape can be more clear.
I didn't fix it at this level but fix it at the and of the illustration with adding new later on top.

4- More details

I add some scary trees to the background and more details on the body.
I also add a dark edges like old camera lenses, it's help for focusing on to center of the illustration.

5- Adding depth

I add more details on far background for adding more depth to the drawing. I also drew a pine tree on front to get a foreground layer.
Just like background element, foreground element can also help you to get the depth.

6- Finalize the illustration

Finally I am at the fun part, I added a star field for making it more like a night time.
I also drew some very far hill silhouette for getting more depth and mystical look.
I also add a little belly for him to fix the silhouette of the arms and make him more funny.
You can notice that there is a Arabic typing on the front side stone, I have no idea what I type there ( because I can not speak Arabic)
but the point was just a getting Islamic cemetery look.

So that's it, I hope you like it, have fun!

-Cemre Ozkurt