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Gorilla illustration progress.

I just want to show you the progress of this drawing, Nothing really special on it, All photoshop users allready
know this technics. However I think this is gonna be useful for beginners.


1-First sketch: I drew fast sketch on Photoshop 7 with wacom tablet. First of all I drew the big guy's head then the
others. Actually I was thinking to build a real gorilla, without mechanic stuff. But I changed my mind because it wasn't cool enough.

2- Color test and details: I add new color layer and drew different colors.
That way help you to see the atmosphere.

3-Details on big gorillas head and different background alternatives: I drew the big gorillas head
first, I made it first, because big gorillas head was important part of the picture, especially the eyes.
He should look certainly mystical. So if he look strong enough other guys can support him.

4- More details on body and background: I drew background with "airbrush tool", after then I used "drybrush"
filter on photoshop. now it's looks little more like hand drawing.

5- Metal surfaces: I created one more "multiply layer" for metal surfaces. Basically I put real metal texture
on top of the layers and I erased some places for differents strengthes..

6-Lights and dirty effects on sky I used "Dodge tool" for edding more lights. I also add some white brushes for
make it more like metal.

7- Finallization: After all I made 2 more layers one for colour correction one for dirty sky. colour correction just a
color layer with 4 different color, brown for big gorilla's body, blur for sky, red for back sky, green for back gorilla's.
Dirty sky layer just like the gorillas metal surface. I put multply layer on top with real dirt wall photo and againI erased
some places for differents strengthes..

Click to picture below for bigger size.

Here's the photoshop screenshut.


I hope you enjoy. Thank you for following.

Cemre Ozkurt

All images, and animation created by Cemre Ozkurt, All rights reserved.